Medicinal Cannabis Pharmacy

POPCANN - Medicinal Cannabis Pharmacy

Medicinal Cannabis Pharmacy

Ideal for pain clinics, hospitals, retirement homes and other destinations that require access to Medicinal Cannabis. Medicinal POPCANNs are ideal for enabling Cannabis patients gain direct and timely access to medicinal products anywhere.

POPCANN - Cannabis Education Centers

Cannabis Education Centers

POPCANNs are ideal solutions for providing Cannabis awareness and education.  Designed for rapid deployment and operations at any event, festival, parking lot or destination to enable audiences to learn about cannabis products, applications, usage, risks, and everything else.

POPCANN - Medicinal Cannabis Clinics

Medicinal Cannabis Clinics

POPCANNs are ideal solutions for educating people about the benefits of Medicinal Cannabis, including in-person consultation with licensed health practitioners for on-site diagnosis, prescription and ordering.

POPCANN - Government Designated Cannabis Environments

Government Designated Cannabis Environments

POPCANN enables all levels of government deploy Cannabis environments reflective of their needs, challenges and regional mandates. Government designated POPCANNs range from compliant Cannabis consumption destinations, to public education centers, to online ordering and fulfillment.

POPCANN - Cannabis Consumption Lounge

Cannabis Consumption Lounge

Purpose built for residential and commercial buildings, hotels, music festivals, sporting events and other locations that currently prohibit Cannabis consumption. Consumption POPCANNs are purpose-built solutions that comply with Cannabis consumption legislation to enable safe and secure usage in areas previously not possible.  

POPCANN - Experiential Cannabis Destinations

Experiential Cannabis Destinations

Marketing designated POPCANN utilizing the latest in projection mapping, touchscreens, digital signage and augmented reality to create truly immersive marketing destinations that are compliant with Cannabis marketing legislation.  Ideal for all types of licensed producers and Cannabis brands that want to engage audiences and create truly memorable experiences.

What are POPCANNs?

POPCANNs are tech-driven, prefabricated cannabis retail stores & experiential environments

Maximize profitability & minimize risk via rapid deployment & serious cost-reduction

  • Ideal for Secured Debt Financing approach
  • Pick-up and go Leaseholds / Fixtures
  • POPCANNs lasts forever
  • Installed & operational in 1-hour, or less

Compliance, Consistency, Innovation

Prefabricated Cannabis structures leveraging the latest technology to ensure legal Cannabis reaches customers in traditional and alternative markets

Experiential Retail Experiences

Innovation designed for rapid deployment and maximum responsiveness. Utilizing the latest projection mapping and augmented reality to provide truly unique customer experiences.

Key POPCANN Attributes

Factory made, freestanding cannabis retail stores featuring:

  • Existing product-line and custom-made options available
  • Plug and play Ready
  • Runs on electricity, generators or solar power
  • Indoor and outside installations
  • Temporary, Semi-Permanent & Permanent Installations
  • Modular, stack-able & interchangeable sections
  • Easy transportation & rapid installation
  • Compliant with all local, state, provincial and federal regulations
  • Comprehensive security features that minimize risk
  • Leveraging the latest in retail technology
  • Diverse modular components (rooftops, vending, ventilation)

POPCANNs are eco-friendly structures and environments

POPCANNs are sustainable eco-friendly structures that use recycled shipping containers that would otherwise be discarded

  • POPCANNs are literally retail stores inside of a recyclable
  • By reusing discarded materials, POPCANNs lower demand for natural resources
  • POPCANNs boost eco-friendliness via high-quality insulation
  • Usage of solar panels and related technologies will enable future POPCANNs to operate fully off-grid

Our mission at POPCANN is to provide turn-key Cannabis retail stores that rapidly bring legal Cannabis to traditional and alternative destinations.

Address: 116 Geary Avenue, Suite #202A

M6H 4H1 Toronto Ontario Canada


Phone: 647-502-2862