About Us

POPCANN - Northern Communities Cannabis Retail

Our team of thought leaders and tech innovators provide turn-key Cannabis Retail Stores & Experiential Environments to all types of traditional and non-traditional destinations.

POPCANN offers a diverse product-line of prefabricated cannabis-centric structures for both pop-up and permanent installations.

POPCANNs Leadership Team

POPCANNs management team is recognized for thousands of experiential marketing and retail installations since 2001. POPCANNs leadership team brings unparalleled industry expertise & technical know how to the global Cannabis Retail Marketplace.

Michael Girgis

As Co. Founder & President of POPCANN, Michael is responsible for establishing strategic partnerships and developing growth opportunities in North America and Internationally. Michael works with the Board and other management to establish long-range goals, strategies, plans and policies.

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Jake Neiman

As Co. Founder & Chief Executive Officer of POPCANN, Jake leads the overall operations and resources of the company and is directly involved with the partnerships and business development efforts. Jake works with the executive team to execute POPCANN’s innovations roadmap and international growth efforts.

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Idan Mizrahi
Head of Real Estate

Idan secures both permanent and non-traditional retail locations for POPCANNs growth and expansion in Canada, US and European markets. Idan leads POPCANNs landlord and property manager relations, including: leasing, land acquisition and related functions

Michael Siskind
Director of Real Estate

Michael supports POPCANNs expansion efforts with a special focus on securing new locations in alternative destinations.  

Dmitri Melamed
Chief Technology Officer

Dmitri leads POPCANNs innovation and development efforts. Dmitri’s leadership role covers all elements of POPCANNs proprietary systems, ranging from immersive customer experiences to bio-metric security systems and everything in-between.

Lauren Iacovetta
Director of Logistics

Lauren oversees the deployment, integration and operation of POPCANNs to both traditional and alternative destinations. Lauren manages POPCANNs various trades, logistical and site specific teams.

Larry Flynn
Head of Retail and Compliance

Larry ensures POPCANNs retail and experiential environments are compliant with all applicable regulations while ensuring efficient and memorable customer experiences.

Troy Ross
Vice President of Government Relations

Troy enables government regulators and policy makers to be informed about POPCANNs unique innovation and mandate to bring legal cannabis to both traditional and alternative destinations.

Mike Downie
Director of Partnerships

Mike focuses on the creation of long-term partnerships and business opportunities with landlords, licensed cannabis producers, First Nations and related cannabis stockholders.

Our mission at POPCANN is to provide turn-key Cannabis retail stores that rapidly bring legal Cannabis to traditional and alternative destinations.

Address: 116 Geary Avenue, Suite #202A

M6H 4H1 Toronto Ontario Canada

Email: info@popcann.com

Phone: 647-502-2862